VR?I’m not ready! Yes! interactive movie!

With the rapid development of digital media, audiences are demanding a higher quality of their work. From pictures to video and later 3D so far as VR technology, the evolution of digital media suggest that audiences require a more immersive feeling. Compare with the VR technique and the traditional forms. I do prefer the traditional one, I’ve been experienced 3D and VR movie, it makes me feel dizzy every time. Especially for the VR work, the immersive feeling sometimes give me a sense of creepy. It may be just like the first movie launched in 1896, the lumiere brothers ‘Arrival of A Train at LA CIOTAT’ pretty much scared a lot of people.  I guess that why we called it evolution, it needs a process to get people to accept and adapt it until to enjoy it. Thus, I would like to explore more content about the narrative rather than virtual effect.

Last week we saw an interactive movie in the class, that’s quiet interested me. Getting the audience involved in the movie will make the audience more curious about the ending. It is inspired me a lot to think about my idea.

Generally, interactive movie offers a lot of choices to let audiences to choose their option that with an outcome. This narrative is very coherent and very exciting. However, the kind of narrative techniques interested me is like the Japanese movie Roshomon which is directed by Akira Kurosawa in 1950.Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 3.25.32 pm.png

The movie gives the ending first and using of the flash back and repeated narration to find out the truth that reveals humanness. Another Chinese movie called Hero also based on this narration to represent the story.

What I’m thinking is to use those kinds of narrative to make a short interactive movie, to give audiences the ending at the beginning and let them to find out the truth. I may set up different traps that could let audience died or face difficult. I think that could be more interesting and offer more excitement.

For now, this is just a very rough thinking. After serval classes I may improve my idea or change my mind. Looking forward to see what’s goanna happen.))



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