Web series, a great way to go!

After a week of research and thinking, my thoughts changed. At the very beginning, I had a strong curiosity about interactive documentary because I had no access to this kind of media. But after a recent study, I found that I was more interested in nonlinear narratives.

The media’s form is very depending on audience’s demand. I’m think about to make something could let more people to get involve to my story word. Honestly, in this hectic society, getting a traditinal platform videos viewed by audiences like day can be difficult. Yet, web series is a great form to approach more audiences. A strong presence on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is also a selling point.  With the convenience of media device, people could watch video everywhere like on the train and tram etc.

Personally, I just realize that Most of the videos I’ve seen recently are web series. From my experience, I’ve summed up the following advantages for web series.

-Duration won’t be so long

Online play can give the audience enough information and relaxation in a limited amount of time.

-It broke the limit of the place

You don’t have to spend time watching videos in a stationary place. There is no need to go to a movie theatre or sit in front of TV. As long as you have a cell phone, a computer, or a pad, then you can enjoy it.

Now that I’ve made the decision about what to make, the video’s Genre, duration and platform should be all take into consideration.

Thinking about the genre is the first step i need to go, web series tend to rely more on sketch comedy, improve experience is a plus, according to Cathy Reinking, who has cast web series sponsored by companies including Subway and Nike (Miller, 2012). In the high pressure living environment, people are already under too much pressure, I think comedy is a good way to go.

So, from this week. I’m gonna starting my brainstorm…


Miller, S.J. 2012, “Spinning a Web Series”, Back Stage – National Edition, vol. 53, no. 30, pp. 14-15.


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