Developing Idea about Web Series

After one week further reading and browsing about Web series, I got more passion about it. It is a really fantastic new direction to promote videos. A popular web show brings networks a built-in fan base, (comparably) cheaper talent, lower budgets and, in some cases, advertisers willing to follow a show or personality across any platform. (Hampp 2010) it got so much advantages and less limitations about creativity.

In that case, honestly I really love to watch Web series, but about to make it, I think is a challenge to me. My mind got stuck for half a week for the idea developing.

I’ve been watch some Web series last weeks, including western and Chinese. One is called ’Dragon Age’ 2011which is a webisode adapted from a game. Another one is called Surprise 2013, it is a comedy webisode base on a comic. I just found that a popular web series always has a good foundation story to support. It laid the fans foundation and got the premise which is convenient to set up a story word.

Developing idea

It not easy to create an original web series scrip. yet, it doesn’t means it not possible to make it. In terms of idea development, Williams points out several questions which are inspired me a lot.

-What interested you?

-What unique resources do you have access to?

-What are some specific talents that you have?

-What do you spend time online?

-Who do you like hanging out with? Would any of them make compelling characters in a web series?

-What worlds do you want to know more about?

-What types of shows do you wish were on the air?

Asking myself by the above questions, I got a clear way to go. I’m going to quickly set up my story line by the end of the week.

Next week I would like to talk more about narrative aspect.


Hampp, A. 2010, “Web-to-TV makes a comeback with spate of new series”, Advertising Age, vol. 81, no. 40, pp. 8.

Williams, D 2012, Web TV Series : How to make and market them, Oldcastle Books, Harpenden.


























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